“Shop Your Closet is amazing! I went from staring in my closet and thinking I have nothing to wear to having many weeks worth of new outfits without going to a store. LeAnn came to my house and in one evening created so many great outfits with clothes that I owned. LeAnn put clothes together that I never thought to wear together and they worked great. My husband would ask if I was wearing new clothes–nope, just new combinations. LeAnn gave me so many ideas through the process that I now look at the clothes in my closet in a whole new way. Thanks again LeAnn!!” – Tanya (Cedarburg, WI) Total Image Client

“LeAnn is excellent at understanding her client’s personal style and creating a wardrobe that fits with their lifestyle. Her organizational skills and creativity are second to none. I had clothes in 3 different closets and LeAnn was able to consolidate my wardrobe into one closet, organize it so that I can now see what pieces I already have, and created a shopping list so that I could fill in the gaps by purchasing versatile pieces that would work with my existing wardrobe. She helped me to understand what colors and shapes look best on me and how to shop for pieces that can be worn in different ways and versatile enough to wear to work or out with friends, without sacrificing my personal style. LeAnn created several new outfits out of pieces I already had and made me look at my wardrobe in a whole new light. LeAnn’s packages offer tremendous value as she helped me to save time and money and has helped me to avoid the costly shopping mistakes I had been making in the past. LeAnn is a natural at what she does and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to create a functional, fabulous wardrobe!”  – Kristen (Kenosha, WI) Wardrobe Audit & Shop Your Closet Client

“After losing weight and living with a closet of ill fitting clothes, I struggled with where to start with rebuilding my wardrobe. Do I have things tailored? Even when I was shopping, I was still trying on the wrong sizes and styles for my body and style. After only two appointments with LeAnn, I have an entirely new, versatile, beautiful wardrobe. Throughout each appointment, LeAnn continually educated me about what styles and cuts are most flattering for me. She created an easy to follow, easy to maintain organized closet system while we were sorting through my existing items. The final appointment was a shopping trip in Chicago. I was so impressed with LeAnn’s ability to select perfect items for me. For example, she selected exactly 2 pair of jeans for me to try on… Both pair fit me like they were made for me! How can she do that? She has made shopping and dressing fun and enjoyable again. Thank you!” –  Suzanne (New Berlin, WI) Foundation Package & Personal Shopping Client

“Thank you LeAnn for your fabulous help!  Your professionalism and creativity were awesome.  You truly took out all of the stress of packing for an extended multi-season trip–and made it fun and seem almost easy!   I am grateful for the thoughtfulness and personal consideration you displayed in choosing each and every outfit (and eliminating those that were really not needed)!  I would highly recommend your expert services to anyone who travels! Thanks again, LeAnn!  You were amazing!” – Shirley (Kalamazoo, MI) Foundation Package & Vacation Essentials Client

“Best money I ever (I mean my husband – it was a Christmas gift) spent.  LeAnn is wonderful and able to help you see what clothes look good on you.  She makes you feel comfortable and helps you put new things together.  I got 20 new outfits from my own closet.  I have told everyone at work about her and would highly recommend this to everyone I know.” – Lisa (Kenosha, WI) Complete Overhaul Package Client

“LeAnn does a great job of analyzing your lifestyle and what you have and helping you put together a wardrobe that is true to you.  Her services are definitely an investment worth making.” – Lynn (Madison, WI) Foundation Package Client

“If you’ve gotten into a rut with your wardrobe like I had, call LeAnn. I felt like I always dressed nice, but I tended to wear the same outfits over and over again. LeAnn really helped pull me out of that comfort zone and into much more stylish and flattering clothes.  She is great at showing how to mix and match pieces to make many different outfits.  I am getting many compliments on my clothes and my new, more polished look. Thank you, LeAnn!” – Karen (Wind Lake, WI) Total Image Client

“I had worked with a personal shopper from a major department store for the past several years. I had begun to feel as though my shopper no longer had any idea of what I had in my closet, and her sole focus was simply on selling me things without regard to how they fit into my existing inventory. LeAnn did a great job of helping me assess what I had, what was salvageable, and what needed to go away. This allowed us to work together to build an inventory that fit my needs and my budget. Further, I wasn’t restricted to the offerings of just one store. She has relationships at several stores, which allows better selection and pricing. I’d highly recommend LeAnn to others.”  – Bill (New Berlin, WI) Complete Overhaul Package, Personal Shopping & Vacation Essentials Client

“I should have called LeAnn to rescue my closet much sooner than I did!  After LeAnn shopped my closet and organized things for me, I truly felt like a new woman! During our time together I was able to point out some of the items I truly love, but never wear, because I didn’t really know how or what to wear them with. With LeAnn’s suggestions I expanded my closet without shopping for new things.  I also appreciated her suggestions for staple items that were missing in my closet.  Who knew a black blazer and a wedge shoe would complete so many outfits!?!  I am thankful for LeAnn’s expertise and would recommend her services to anyone who feels their wardrobe needs an overhaul, their closet is in need of organization or they feel stuck wearing the same outfits each week.  LeAnn’s services are a must for everyone.   If you have clothes, you need LeAnn!” – Alicia (Franklin, WI)Foundation Package & Shop Your Closet Client

“The time I spent with LeAnn was more beneficial than I could have ever imagined.  She spent time learning about my style (or lack thereof) and what I wanted my wardrobe to reflect moving forward.  Once we had the chance to shop together, she had already pulled an entire rack of clothes that included pieces that looked amazing on but I would have never chosen for myself.  The final piece of having her “shop” my closet and put outfits together opened my eyes to a whole new world in my closet! LeAnn is not only amazing at what she does, she is wonderful to work with and has helped me feel more confident each time I walk out of my closet!” – Andrea (Pewaukee, WI) Complete Overhaul Package & Personal Shopping Client