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Getting organized is one thing and staying organized is a learning process.  Once you get your closet organized and it’s functional for you, it’s important to keep it this way.  By taking a few simple steps, your closet and sanity will be in check:


Tip #1 – Put away your clothes from the day and your folded wash every night – in the correct spot. Your morning will start off that much better!



Tip #2 – If an item is dirty, don’t put it away in your closet – put it in your hamper or dry cleaning bag.


Tip #3 – When clothes come back from the dry cleaner, immediately remove plastic bags in a well ventilated area and change the hanger.


Tip #4- Take items to a Tailor for repairs and alterations.


Tip #5 – Clean your shoes and boots after they are worn, to remove any dirt and debris.


Tip #6 – Throw out any items that cannot be repaired (torn or ripped) or stained.

Safety pins holding torn fabric together

Tip #7 – Edit your wardrobe twice a year. (Minimum once a year and if you experience any life changes.)  Your closet will thank you!

Tip 7 Edit Wardrobe

Tip #8 – Clean out-of-season items before you store them.


If you need any assistance whipping your wardrobe and closet into shape, we can definitely help you!

To schedule your consultation or discuss our service options, contact LeAnn Conway at 414.841.5096.


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LeAnn Conway

LeAnn takes a personal approach to working with every one of her clients and is most gratified when she helps her clients feel and look their absolute best.

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