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Happy Friday!!  Can you believe we’re already 3 days into August?  I’m still trying to figure out where June and July went.  Now that I’ve got your attention, I’d like to introduce the Closet Transformation Series.  Periodically, I will highlight a client’s closet/wardrobe  (with their permission, of course) and talk about the steps that I took with their transformation.

I understand the incredible significance of our personal closets and their impact in our lives, whether positive or negative.  Our clothes are our expression to the world of who we are.  They communicate how we see ourselves and how we want to relate to others.  The best part, know two closets in the world are identical.   Therefore, your wardrobe should be a reflection of your image and personality.  When your closet doesn’t reflect this and it’s cluttered with pieces that don’t reflect you, this can alter your confidence and how you are being perceived.  Not to mention, add to the amount of time it takes you to get ready in the morning.

Client T’s Closet Transformation : Wardrobe Audit & Organization

BEFORE:  Her closet was cluttered and didn’t have a flow that worked for her lifestyle.  She also had items that were located in different parts of her house…again, adding to the frustration when trying to get ready in the morning.  And lastly, she had items that no longer fit her personality or her changed lifestyle 

1.  Follow-up from initial phone consultation regarding client questionnaire, goals, and lifestyle.

2.  Removed any non-wearable items – this just adds to the clutter (ex; boxes, bedding, wrapping paper).

3.  Performed Wardrobe Audit – divided items into four categories – Keep, Purge, Tailor, Donate/Consign.  Removed seasonal items & dresses to upstairs closet.

4.  Suggested techniques and tips for storage, hanging items, and hangers.  Based on my recommendation, my client purchased new hangers.  The flocked hangers were a great addition, based on her clothing fabric, eliminating pucker marks, and an all over streamlined look and feel.

5.  I organized my clients’ essential pieces back into a layout that was based on her needs and lifestyle.

AFTER:  Client T’s closet includes all the clothes that reflect her in a matter that is simple, accessible and of course, organized!


Have a wonderful weekend!


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LeAnn Conway

LeAnn takes a personal approach to working with every one of her clients and is most gratified when she helps her clients feel and look their absolute best.

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