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I had the pleasure of meeting Andrea, the Divine Consign fall Makeover winner, back in September.   A little background on Andrea –  She is a wife, mother of two precious little girls, and works full time from home.  Andrea stated she was in desperate need of a makeover for a few reasons-  she has never really been confident of her own “style” and has always felt like she was failing somehow in that department, she lost over 30lbs since January, and she really wanted to jump start a new look that reflected the new Andrea, or the one that has always been there but has been hiding for the last few years!

Andrea - Before shot in her closet

Makeover winner Andrea – Closet before pic


Andrea and I sat down and discussed her goals and went over an image assessment.  We went up to her closet so I could assess what we were working with and perform  a wardrobe audit and closet organization ~ The Complete Overhaul Package.  As mentioned earlier, Andrea lost over 30lbs since January – a big congrats to her!  With that being said, she had already donated quite a few clothing items.  Her closet was quite sparse, and there really wasn’t much that Andrea didn’t need.

We went through each item that was left in her closet and further paired down the items into separate categories:  keep, donate/consign, tailor, and purge.   During this process, I also made a shopping list of items that needed to be replaced and added.

Andrea - donate/consign pile

Andrea’s – donate/consign pile

Andrea’s closet was then organized and left with pieces that fit her, reflect her personal style, and portray the image she wants.

Andrea - Closet After 1

Andrea’s – Closet After 1

Andrea - Closet After 2

Andrea’s – Closet After 2


The second consultation consisted of pre-shopping for Andrea.  Having a plan, shopping list, budget, and time, are all keys to a successful shopping trip.  Thanks to Divine Consign, Andrea received a $300 gift certificate to use towards her purchases.

With my plan in place, I was excited to shop for Andrea at Divine Consign’s fist fall sale at the Zoofari!  I pulled many great items for her from the “Divine Favorites” rack and from other racks of tops, jeans, dresses, pants, jackets, scarves, belts, and from the accessory tables.

Closet Essentials' Personal Shopping - pulled items @ Divine Consign

Closet Essentials’ Personal Shopping – pulled items @ Divine Consign

As I was pulling the last couple items, in walked Andrea.  She’s so darn cute and always has a smile on her face.  You can’t help but be excited and happy to see her! She was eager and excited to try everything on and see what I picked out for her.

Closet Essentials Personal Shopping - Andrea

Closet Essentials Personal Shopping – Andrea

I loved Andrea’s reaction with each outfit and item she tried on – it was priceless!  To see more of Andrea’s outfit photos, check out the album on facebook.

Closet Essentials ~ dressing room with Andrea

Closet Essentials ~ dressing room with Andrea

After playing dress-up for a couple hours, it was time for Andrea to get her hair and makeup done by the talented & beautiful, Shauna from Neroli Salon & Spa.

Neroli / Shauna - hair & make-up for Andrea

Neroli / Shauna – hair & makeup for Andrea

Once Andrea’s hair and makeup was done, it was time to get her styled and ready for her photoshoot.  She looked A-MA-ZING!  It was so hard to choose three outfits,  because she looked great in all of them!  Professional photos were taken by Sylke Vonk for the photoshoot.  I’m also a bit of shutterbug (understatement), so I took photos during the photoshoot, too!  You can check out more photos on facebook.

Makeover Team with Andrea: Shauna/Neroli & LeAnn/Closet Essentials

Makeover Team with Andrea: Shauna/Neroli & LeAnn/Closet Essentials


To pull it all together, my last consultation with Andrea consisted of the “Shop Your Closet/Outift Creation” package.  This was a great way to show Andrea how to mix and match and accessorize the clothes she already has with the one’s purchased at the Divine Consign sale.  We also discussed some more basic items that needed to be purchased to round out her wardrobe and maximize her options when creating outfits.

Closet Essentials ~ Shop Your Closet / Outfit Creations

I enjoyed every moment working with Andrea during her Makeover, and I’m so grateful I was able to get to know this beautiful lady!!

“The time I spent with LeAnn was more beneficial than I could have ever imagined.  She spent time learning about my style (or lack thereof) and what I wanted my wardrobe to reflect moving forward.  Once we had the chance to shop together, she had already pulled an entire rack of clothes that included pieces that looked amazing on but I would have never chosen for myself.  The final piece of having her “shop” my closet and put outfits together opened my eyes to a whole new world in my closet! LeAnn is not only amazing at what she does, she is wonderful to work with and has helped me feel more confident each time I walk out of my closet!” ~ Andrea


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